image“How do you describe something that creates joy for you everyday? That is how I would describe my Goldendoodle “Gus”. From the moment he came to live with us to almost a year later, he is an absolute joy! He it amazingly smart and so willing to please. Don’t get me wrong, he has a mind of his own. He will sit when told, but will bark with disagreement if he’d rather be playing. He is a hoot!! There are so many things about this breed that I love, that I hardly know where to start. They don’t shed and the coat is amazing. It’s silky and everyone wants to touch him. When he cuddles with me it’s wonderful to have that fluffy hair to pet. It moves in waves when he runs and boy does he like to run after a ball!! He absolutely loves it! This breed loves people. He also loves my grandchildren. He’s gentle and attentive to them. He knows they are kids and they love to come see Gus and play with him. He is a master at keep away! If he gets a tea towel…good luck catching him until he’s ready to surrender. I brush him once a day which keeps him maintained with no shedding. He LOVES a bath or shower and he loves the blow dryer. He just lays down until I’m done. Brenda did a great job imprinting the puppies. I can’t say enough about the pristine and protected environment the puppies were raised in. They were loved, played with, bathed and doted on. Everything you would want from a breeder and more. The attention they receive before they leave for their new home is something I’ve seen from day one with Gus. He trust. He just wants to be loved and give love. The gentleness of this breed is another thing I love. They even walk gently to be a larger breed. They are great minded dogs that are sharp with the desire to please like a Golden Retriever. We have a 13 year old Golden Retriever who has really enjoyed our new addition. Gus thinks the world revolves around him and I guess he’s right. He is right at my side unless he’s getting toys out of his toy basket. That is a must by the way with these dogs. Having his own toys has helped him not want other things. He knows his boundaries…except for an occasional tea towel if I leave one available. My den and kitchen does look like Romper room sometimes due to his collection, but the joy and love from this incredible breed is worth it all. Expect this dog to be a member of your family, not just a pet. They potty train like a dream with no need to be harsh. They are smart…really smart. Just be patient and consistent. Brenda’s sire Mack took my breath away. In person, he is majestic. Macy the mom is smart and calm. I can see both sides of the family in Gus. Good luck on picking a color because they are all beautiful and worth every penny.” – JEAN B.